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Free AmbassadorshipEmerald Ambassadorship
Terms & Conditions Apply (See Below)

Plan Benefits & Income Opportunities

$0 / annually

$30 / annually
Receive 30% from each Business Listing that you generate.

Receive $10.00 from each Emerald Ambassadorship that you generate.

Receive 10% from each listing generated by any Ambassador that you introduced.

Receive 10% from each listing generated by a register fundraiser that you introduced.

Quarterly Bonus: 5% of each business listing is allocated to the Bonus Pool (per calendar quarter). Receive a portion based on business and Emerald Ambassadorship introduction activity for each quarter.

Automatic Renewal: Receive the same allocation outlined above when you renew your Ambassadorship and those that you introduced do the same (businesses and Ambassadors).

Promotion Package: Receive a package of promotional material. Receive more material based on your new Listing and Ambassador Introductions.

Yes, I want to represent! … Please accept my registration and send me my Ambassador Number so I can start immediately!


Free AmbassadorshipEmerald Ambassadorship
Terms & Conditions Apply (See Below)

How It Works

Once you have registered, you will receive an email that includes your Ambassador Number. Use this number when sharing our site and services with prospective businesses and Ambassadors. Your Ambassador account will be credited based on introductions using your number.

We will issue a quick email each time you have had a successful business listing introduction or have generated a new Emerald Ambassadorship (Emerald Ambassadors only).

Emerald Ambassadors will receive a Promotional Package. All our promotional items have a spot for Ambassador Information. You need to at least add your Ambassadorship Number to receive proper credit.

More About our Fundraising Program(and how you can benefit)

We love to team up with Community Organizations, Local Youth & Sports Teams, as well as area not for profit causes in their efforts to raise funds for their respective purposes!! Qualified and registered participants in our Fundraising Program will receive 35% from each Business Listing that they generate.

We are asking you, or Ambassadors, to share this unique and highly rewarding opportunity with organizations in your area. When fundraising groups generate Business Listings as part of their fundraising efforts, you will receive 10% from each successful listing!!

Simply point them to our Site & Fundraising Page, give them your Ambassadorship Number, and they can register for free!

More about our Quarterly Bonus Feature

Calculation of your Bonus portion will be based on the following formula:

{Your Successful Business Listings & Emerald Ambassadorships (transaction dollar amounts) / Total Successful Business Listing & Emerald Ambassadorships generated by all Ambassadors (transaction dollar amounts)} x Quarterly Bonus Pool Balance

Quarter = calendar quarters

More about our Promotion Package

Emerald Ambassadors will receive a Promotional Package including brochures, flyers, distribution cards, and neat trinkets. With each generated New Business Listing and Emerald Ambassadorship, you will earn additional promotional material that will be mailed to you with your next Ambassador check.

Some Things We Are Required to Share with You

You must be at least 18 years (or of legal age as designated in your state) to participate as an Ambassador;

Ambassadorship status only available to US citizens, living in the 50 states, DC, or Puerto Rico

Ambassadors operate solely as Independent Representatives

Payments are issued monthly, 15 days after each month end to all Ambassadors with balances of $20.00 or more; Balances less than $20.00 will be rolled into the following months. All Ambassador Balances, regardless of amount, are distributed 20 days after each calendar year end. Balances less than $20.00 are subject to a $3.00 processing change.

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Free AmbassadorshipEmerald Ambassadorship
Terms & Conditions Apply (See Below)